When are you coming down to MIA you got mad fans here including myself

soon haha yeah I be seeing a lot of fans be from there. y’all got bitches out there

when you coming to Tampa my g?


Bruh make some of those "Band$" shirts & sell em. I posted tha video "For Me" on insta & people thought that hoodie was silly. I need a shirt fam!

we finna release em with this week. then after than instead of collabs with brands ima be comin out with merch by myself so it’ll get out there faster

how much I give a fuck is somewhere between I DONT and NEVER WILL

Yo you gonna come down to LA anytime soon, we want a Benji Band$ show out here, SQUAD!

soon AF g. one of the main places I plan in going to.

Just hit a lick! Shit be on repeat nigguh! Keep flexin on these hoes

I just flex naturally